Alasdair B R Stewart

I am a sociologist interested in theoretical-empircal research, open science, state-crafting, dwelling spaces, social suffering, and social security.

Featured Articles

Weber, the body, and capitalism

“It was in the attempt to form a new type of individual that the bourgeoisie engaged in that battle against the body that has become its historic mark. According to Max Weber, the reform of the body is at the core of the bourgeois ethic because capitalism makes acquisition ‘the…

Slides – The Folds of Home

Here are my slides from this year’s Housing Studies Association Conference. This was part of a session on the meaning of home, with fantastic papers from Yoric Irving-Clarke and Craig Gurney. Thanks to everyone for the interesting discussion and braving the early 8.45am start. Summary: This presentation drew on interviews…

A Qualitative Computing Revolution?

The challenges of data management and analysis on a large longitudinal qualitative research project Computer aided qualitative data analysis has the potential to revolutionise both the scale of research and possible analysis techniques. Yet, the software itself still imposes limits that hinder and prevent this full potential from being realised….



PythiaQDA is free and open source software for qualitative and mixed-methods data analysis in (very) early development. Runs on Linux, Windows, and MacOS.