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What is PythiaQDA?

Disclaimer: This page is a place-holder, PythiaQDA is still in very early development and not ready for real-world use.

PythiaQDA is free and open source software for qualitative and mixed-methods data analysis.

Provides a familiar and easy to learn user interface. Yet modular and extensible to adapt to your analysis workflow.

Runs on Linux, Windows, and MacOS.

Why Switch?

Benefits of PythiaQDA

Free & Open Source

PythiaQDA is released under a GPL licence. All software it is built on is also free and open source software.


Comes with both light and dark themes. Further customise the theme using a CSS inspired syntax.


Work on Linux, Windows, or MacOS. The API is separate from the user-interface. Long-term plans to add web and mobile apps.


PythiaQDA not support a particular method? Write an extension to add it. Want to support a new datatype? Create a data class with Boa.


Plot attributes with ggplot or matplotlib. Pass node query results to quanteda or NLTK.

Open Science

Supporting new ways to share data and analysis with colleagues and the wider public.

Qualitative Research


Open Science

PythiaQDA is not simply a “free” QDAS. It is about giving qualitative researchers the freedom to use, study, share, and modify the software however they want.

It is about facilitating open science within qualitative research. Planned features include “quote objects”, which maintain a tie between source quotes and the analysis, to create new ways to analyse and share your findings with colleagues and the wider public.

It is about empowering researchers to develop innovative methods. Customise the interface to suit your workflow. Create extensions to add new features and data types. Access your data using your favourite R and Python statistical and quantitative text analysis packages.

Most importantly – PythiaQDA is about contributing to the academic community rather than making a profit from it.

Karl Marx (possibly)

Let the proprietary QDAS companies tremble at an open source revolution. Qualitative researchers have nothing to lose but their license fees. They have a world of open science to win.

Qualitative researchers of all disciplines, unite!

PythiaQDA needs you!









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